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The “Tainted Justice” series of videos

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Police Raid Video — The breakthrough video showing cop cutting security camera in bodega; the cutting of the camera wire occurs at 7:25.

Police Raid Video
Below: Officer Thomas Tolstoy stands behind the counter of Jose Duran’s West Oak Lane grocery store during a September 11, 2007, police raid. Here, Tolstoy works to dismantle the video-surveillance camera directed at the store’s cash register. Tolstoy points out the cameras, referring to them as “eyes,” to his fellow narcotics squad members. “I got, like, seven or eight eyes…Listen to me. There’s one outside. There is one, two, three, four in the aisles, and there’s one right here somewhere.”

Security video from a bodega in North Philadelphia shows Philadelphia police officer Richard Cujdik searching a van owned by Jose Duran.

Lady’s Story


Dagma’s Story

Dominican Grocers Seek Justice

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Pulitzer-winning moment in Philadelphia Daily News newsroom

Philadelphia Daily News reporters Wendy Ruderman (far right) and Barbara Laker (second from right) rejoice with city editor Gar Joseph, who edited the series. they won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. April 12, 2010 (Photo by Sarah J. Glover) EDITOR’s NOTE: PULITZERS


Book cover

Book cover

Wendy Ruderman (left) and Barbara Laker (right). Photo by Jessica Griffin

Wendy Ruderman (left) and Barbara Laker (right). Photo by Jessica Griffin