“Busted” in the NYT Book Review

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.36.26 AMThanks to Charles Graeber for including “Busted” in his True Crime edition of The Shortlist in today’s New York Times Book Review:

Equal parts serious journalism and sisterly sass, “Busted” is a personable and fast-reading ride along with two Philadelphia Daily News journalists as they chase a police corruption story down the rabbit hole, from reportage to Pulitzer Prize. Along the way, Ruderman and Laker knock on hundreds of doors in Philly’s drug-ravaged “Badlands,” endure threats, flea bites, bad Match.com dates, bullying lawyers, demanding editors and a couple of solid slaps by a former stripper. This is a shoe-leather journalistic procedural set against the ticking clock of the failing newspaper industry.

For the full review and to see what other kinds of True Crime company we keep, read the full Shortlist section of reviews here. 


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