Oh, Canada hears the “Busted” story on CBC Radio One

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 9.57.36 AM“Busted” met the Rob Ford story today on Canadian radio! Thanks to Anna Marie Tremonti, guest host Tom Harrington and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for including us on this morning’s edition of The Current, on CBC Radio One. We were interviewed by stellar guest host Harrington. The Current’s Eye on The Media project looks at how a major scandal is pursued by local media, and we were two of the three investigative journalists on the show.  The third reporter was Robyn Doolittle of the Toronto Star, who helped break the Mayor Rob Ford crack-cocaine story and, like us, knows what it feels like to get death threats and knock on the door of someone who might not want to hear from you. Listen to the 24-minute program by going to this program link. We enter the broadcast at the 5:00 minute mark.


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