“Busted” in the Washington Times

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.34.37 PMThanks to Paul Davis for his review of “Busted” in the Washington Times.  He took the time not only to read and review the book, but also to call and interview us. He also may have produced the first review that mentions the police commissioner’s decision to fire one of the cops and punish the others.   Read the full Washington Times review here.  A few sentences from what Barbara told him:

“In the book, we describe how we found 22 merchants from all corners of the city, speaking all different languages, independently telling us the same story that these officers came in with guns drawn, smacked the video-surveillance cameras, and cut wires,” Ms. Laker said. “They all told us that the cops took thousands of dollars from the stores. They ate sandwiches there, guzzled drinks, and they took things like batteries, cellphones and lottery money. And they all independently told us the exact same story. For the women, we knocked on door after door where Tolstoy had been present during the raids. I would bet my children’s lives on the fact that they are telling the truth. Two of the three complained that very night and the third woman, the one we call ‘Naomi,’ she went to the hospital, and they did a rape kit. She could not name the officer. She didn’t know it was Tolstoy, but Internal Affairs knew it was him, because they pulled him off the street that very night.”

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