When the news came down

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.15.40 PMWendy was in Ohio on Thursday when word came that Philadelphia’s police commissioner had announced that the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the city’s district attorney were not going to prosecute the cops in the “Tainted Justice” series. She traveled to Ashland, Ohio, to speak with journalism and other students at Ashland University, and they got a double lesson, not just about the corruption recounted in “Busted” but also a real-life lesson about how justice sometimes hits a hard wall. Here’s a link to the Richland (Ohio) Source article on her talk, which mentions the announcement by the police commissioner, who said the cops might still be subject to department disciplinary action. What’s not included is the later development that public outrage led the Philadelphia district attorney to announce that he would investigate the alleged sexual assaults of women that were part of the “Tainted Justice” series.  Read more about the commissioner’s announcement here and the D.A.’s later announcement here.

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