WHYY’s Dave Davies weighs in on “Busted”

A congratulatory hug on the day Pulitzer was announced in 2010.

A congratulatory hug on the day Pulitzer was announced in 2010.

When ace reporter Dave Davies left the Daily News a few years back to join WHYY, we knew we’d miss him as a colleague but that we, like everyone else, would continue to benefit from his reporting spilling over the airwaves, the internet, and his Off Mic blog on the station’s NewsWorks site. Little could we imagine back in 2010 that we’d someday be writing a book and that he would someday be giving it the big thumbs-up.  That day came this week and we’re ecstatic! Check out his blog entry Busted: how two of the best broke the big story.

Here’s an excerpt:

Busted takes you to the streets of Philadelphia, where the cops and criminals are vivid and real, and in this story, change roles often.

The book also takes you on a journey of investigative reporting, and gives you a whole new appreciation for what these two dogged journalists accomplished.

Part of it was listening to people who don’t get listened to enough. But much of it involved a relentless search through obscure records and mean streets, staying on the story until they nailed it.




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