Gensler pulls no punches & we love him for it

This Facebook post is from Howard Gensler, which means so much to Barbara Laker and me, given the source. We love this —  and you!

In the words of Howard, self-described curmudgeon:

Howard Gensler


“I’m always nervous about reading stuff by people I know, because suppose I don’t like it. How will I tell them? I’m a bad liar and everyone who knows me knows I don’t like very much, so it’s a conundrum. I want to be supportive but I’m always petrified that 10 pages in, I’ll be forcing my eyes open like in CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

Thankfully, BUSTED by my Daily News colleagues/friends Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker is a great read. It zips along like an Ed McBain cop novel, but it’s all true, and it’s a great lesson in the tenacity and luck that goes into investigative reporting, the problems of the newspaper business, the writers’ own crazy lives and how two women can be such bad drivers and still be so driven. The book is a way better read than the newspaper stories on which it’s based and those stories won the Pulitzer Prize, so that’s saying something.

Suspenseful, inspiring, disturbing, funny and sad – it’s a different kind of chick lit. The kind which features two women, corrupt cops, crackheads, snitches and bitches. And all in 230+ pages.”

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