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Ask Lloyd Grove: ‘Hollywood Thinks Journalists Are Sexy Again”

Hey, was there ever any doubt?!

Take a look at what Lloyd Grove has to say in The Daily Beast:

Earlier this year, Sarah Jessica Parker was on a flight with her three young children, on their way to a spring break vacation, when she suddenly started weeping.

Lloyd Grove's column in The Daily Beast, Sept. 17, 2014

Lloyd Grove’s column in The Daily Beast, Sept. 17, 2014

“I burst into tears on Jet Blue,” the Sex and the City star tells me. “And I had to ask for a rather scratchy napkin to use, because I was embarrassed to be crying in front of my children inexplicably.”

Parker, with a book galley in hand, had just gotten to the end of Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love. It’s a riveting, funny and ultimately tear-jerking chronicle by Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker, two investigative reporters for the financially-strapped Philadelphia Daily News, about how they won the Pulitzer Prize and risked body and soul (Laker was beaten up by street thugs, Ruderman’s marriage collapsed) to expose a ring of dirty cops while their newspaper was crumbling beneath their feet.

Parker’s sobs were a good omen, and proof positive that the journalism business—no matter how diminished, insolvent, distrusted and ailing it sometimes seems in the year 2014—remains a healthy Hollywood staple, a source of endless comedy and drama.

Thanks for the shout out, Lloyd!

Check the rest of what else Lloyd has to say about “Busted” and other journalism stories in the entertainment slipstream in his Style column today in The Daily Beast.

Holy moly

Hot news from Hollywood today, and we’re part of it!

A blog item from our colleague columnist Molly Eichel sums it up nicely:


“Busted,” the memoir from the Daily News’ own Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman based on their experiences writing the Pulitzer Prize-winning series “Tainted Justice,” has been optioned for a television series from Sidney Kimmel Entertainment with Sarah Jessica Parker attached to star. The show will be co-produced by Anonymous Content, the company behind the much-buzzed about “True Detective.”

“We’re bonkers out of our minds with glee,” Ruderman said.

This is Parker’s first return to television since a stint on “Glee” and her first major role since “Sex and the City.” Producer Carla Hacken had told the duo that SJP finished the book on a plane to the Caribbean with her kids and she cried at the end, adding that she simply had to be a part of this project.


Read Molly’s full blog report here.

Dave Davies stirs a little speculation on his blog at WHYY’s Thanks, pal!

Read the report in Variety here.

Phillymag: “Busted Is a Philadelphia Classic”

imageThanks to Joel Mathis and Philadelphia magazine’s news & opinion blog for dubbing “Busted” a “Philadelphia classic” — then backing up the assertion with three convincing reasons.

Yo — what’s not to like about being put in the same league as Rocky Balboa.

Mathis  concludes:

“Busted deserves your attention not because you need to know more about cop corruption in Philadelphia — the details of which were amply reported in the original newspaper series — but because it’s such a great Philadelphia story. It deserves iconic status.”

Read all of Joel’s comments by clicking on the blog image.




Thanks, Professor Bowden

From Wendy’s Facebook posting:

Barbara Laker and I really enjoyed talking to Mark Bowden’s students! Very impressed with them and with University of Delaware. I had never been there before. Beautiful campus. Smart, savvy and ambitious students. And accomplished professors who are too humble to realize they’re famous! Wonderful to be in your company.

Mark,  a renowned investigative journalist and author, is an instructor and distinguished writer in residence at the university. Thanks, too, to Ben Yagoda — University of Delaware English prof and acting director of journalism — for this photo.

From left: Mark Bowden, Wendy Ruderman, Barbara Laker in front of a journalism class at the University of Delaware.

From left: Mark Bowden, Wendy Ruderman, Barbara Laker in front of a journalism class at the University of Delaware.

The Washington Post’s stylish spin on “Busted”

washington post logo

All right, The Washington Post has gotten it right — invoking Rosalind Russell and Barbara Stanwyk in its review of “Busted.” Sure, we’ll go there! This exquisite story by Melinda Hennenberger is a must-read, almost as much as “Busted” itself!  Read the fast-paced story here or click on the screen shot from the Post’s website, below.
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.38.58 AM

How we got nicknamed the Slime Sistas

For those who haven’t attended a “Busted” reading/discussion yet, here’s what it’s like. Early in this video we speak about the Fraternal Order of Police news conference in which we unexpectedly were the dishonored guests, and how we got the nickname the Slime Sistas (at 22:00 on video). Thanks to Politics & Prose independent bookstore in Washington, D.C., for posting on YouTube this video from our appearance there

Home sweet home at the Pen & Pencil Club

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Pen & Pencil Club on Saturday night. As we said there, we couldn’t have done it without you.

March 22, 2014, at the Pen & Pencil Club

Book signing among friends and colleagues at the Pen & Pencil Club, Philadelphia.

Wendy and Barbara, looking very happy to be at the signing table.

Wendy and Barbara, looking very happy to be at the signing table.

Wendy, Barbara, Jon Snyder

Proud to sign a copy for Jon Snyder.

Pen & Pencil Club, Philadelphia

Everyone loves a full house.